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Fresh Start for Suburban League: Windjammer

By Alyssa Leyva It’s that time of year again as Mayfair’s varsity football team is back at it! The Suburban League season officially began Fri. Sept. 30 at 7 p.m., and the boys will be playing vs. Cerritos, at Cerritos. “I feel good. We’ve got a good football team out here,” said varsity football coach Derek Bedell. […]

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Getting a Running Start: Windjammer

By Kylah Duvenary Cross country is slowly gathering their speed, getting ready to sprint into season. They have just finished preseason and their first league meet was on Sept. 29 at La Mirada Regional Park. This is going to be an exciting year for the team under the leadership of the new captains, seniors Lisa […]

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Tennis is Terminating: Windjammer

By Bradtna Lou With their season starting recently, the girl’s varsity tennis team is off to a tremendous start having won five non-league matches and three season matches. The girls are looking forward to a great season against their other competitors. Varsity Captain Mia Le said, “Since we have a strong team, there is great hope for […]

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Setting the Season with Victory: Windjammer

By Devin McAlister Mayfair’s girls volleyball team set the bar high for themselves in preseason pay, which they finished with a 6-2 record. That was only step one in their three-step ladder to success. Step two, which is currently in progress, is winning a Suburban league championship. “We wanted a successful preseason and we got […]

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Getting Out the Bunker: Windjammer

By Devin McAlister With a current record of 0-3-2, the junior varsity girls golf team is putting in a lot of hard work to improve their game. Most of their games have been extremely close; their most recent match against St. Anthony was lost by only one stroke. Meanwhile, the varsity team is doing fairly […]