Multiple Teams · Getting a Running Start: Windjammer

By Kylah Duvenary

Cross country is slowly gathering their speed, getting ready to sprint into season.
They have just finished preseason and their first league meet was on Sept. 29 at La Mirada Regional Park.
This is going to be an exciting year for the team under the leadership of the new captains, seniors Lisa Higgins-King and Walter Ramirez.
“I love running cross country because it gets me ready for track season,” said sophomore Nathan Vasquez.
Coach Boppell pointed out some super star runners to look out for this year: seniors Alyssa Betancourt, Lisa Higgins-King, Cole Bon, Paul Cuellar, Walter Ramirez, Bahman Farihi, Jenna Yeaman, and Josiah Jackson; juniors Matthew Ayala, and Fred Torres; and sophomores Veronika Ferrell, Tori Castillo, and Mark Young.
“I’m looking forward to really improving on my time since this is my last year running,” said senior Dajah Peterson.