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Monsoons News · Faculty vs Student Basketball Game

The 10th annual Hiram Chik Peterson faculty vs student basketball took place on March 8th. The faculty defeated the students (56-44) to improve their record to 8-2 overall. All money raised will go to the Hiram Chik Peterson Scholarship and will be awarded to qualifying student athletes in June. The game’s organizer, Candy Gomez, says, “It has been an honor as a friend and former colleague to carry on his legacy to the next generation of the student athletes. I am proud that this game has grown into a tradition that represents what he stood for. He would be proud that money is being raised for student-athletes.”

Hiram “Chik” Peterson was born and raised in San Francisco and was the youngest in a large family. He earned a scholarship to Pepperdine University where he earned his degree in education. He began his teaching career at Lynwood HS and moved to the position of administrator over discipline. He came to Mayfair in the early 90’s as the assistant principal over athletics. Mr. Peterson (“Pete”) advocated athletes being a Student-Athlete, student first, athlete second. He was well-respected by all who knew him. He passed away unexpectedly in 2002.