Multiple Teams · Incoming Freshman- Here is some information

As of May 1st, students and parents may be in contact with the coaches for the sports they are interested in playing next year. Some coaches will be holding meetings soon. Please contact the coach for more information.

Football– Derek Bedell, email:

Girls’ Volleyball– Kenny Ma, email:

Cross Country– Guillermo Boppell, email:

Girls’ & Boys’ Golf– Dan Fong, email:

Girls’ & Boys’ Tennis– Chris Tran, email:

Boys’ Wrestling– Ibee Atala, email:

Girls’ Wrestling– Maurice Eazel, email:

Boys’ Basketball– Tony Davis, email:

Girls’ Basketball– Sinnamon Garrett, email:

Boys’ Soccer– Mike Headley, email:

Girls’ Soccer– Sal Marroquin, email:

Baseball– Scott Sovern, email:

Softball– Erin Brown, email:

Boys’ Track & Field– Joshua Barker, email:

Girls’ Track & Field– Troy Durk, email:

Girls’ & Boys’ Swimming– Amanda McAndrew, email:

Traditional Competetive Cheer– Michelle Machado, email: